Joy Blackblade


King of the pirates, no1 of “The seven” great pirates.

_Joy blackblade: Nearly a thousand years ago the world was a peaceful paradise where the first humans called Mauians walked and explored the vast and rich sea and land. Other races who lived in the world co existed peacefully with them and shared the world in harmony.
At some point in time a portal was opened that brought some Humans from a far far away realm , those humans were greedy and dangerous they were Pirates from another Universe.
They roamed the sea and land gathering gold and riches and taking whatever they laid their eyes on. It was a fine discovery this world and they made it their personal Paradise.
After a year in the world they lost all interest in returning to their Universe and forgot about their greedy Quest._
_They kept discovering new lands and islands until they accidentally found a huge waterfall in the very center of the land inside the Huge Mountain called “Tita” after entering this strange and collosal waterfall they found a Utopia land called “Dualidar” there the Mauian’s thrived and it was the heart of their Civilization. A paradise land surrounded by huge waterfall and collosal trees and the mountain Tita hid it almost entirely from the outside world.
The pirate Captain Dan Seren was amazed by the grace and the beauty of those peaceful and wise people and ordered the pirates not to grab anything or touch anybody, he wanted to take his crew away and leave those kind hearted people at peace.
His Vice Captain named Morgan had a different opinion…he wanted to raid and pillage this land make it his own so that they worship them like gods.
He plotted a secret coup to overthrow Seren and together with half the crew they raided Dualidar during Night time.
After a bloody campaign burning everythinng in their path the lustful pirate found the kind and his family in the top of the golden pyramid inside the heart of the City.
There Morgan discovered that the king owned a Vault that went deep deep inside the mountain._
It was the most precious thing in the world , the creation Crystal Spere, a gem ball so bright and luminus it’s beauty and radiance was unmatched. Morgan hypnotized by it’s divinity wanted to carve it out of the stone and take it for his prize. The mauian king warned the pirate that he must not have it for it will bring destruction to the whole world. The king was so afraid that he even promised the pirate the lives of all his tribesman, as a sacrifice , but he begged the pirate to not have the Crystal. All to no avail, Morgan grabbed the sphere and felt a huge surge of power flowing through him, “Yes..yes..ahahah finally i will be second no more!, With this power i will be a god, even the mighty Seren will bent to my will and worship me as his new God.”
Seren realized what Morgan has done and before it was too late he assulted with whatever man he had left and started a small war inside Dualidar.|
An epic fight that lasted for days. At the final clash Seren swinged his sword against’s Morgan’s crystal sphere that cracked the ball so little but it was enough to let it’s energy out.
A huge a explosion that shaked the very fabric of reality occured and the world was in ashes.

The wave of the explosion was so great that very few living things survived on the world. The very world was shattered into small pieces and very few Dualidar left to tell the tale.
Seren died in that clash saving a world from its destruction and tyrrany, but at a great cost.
Morgan was dead but a small fragment of the sphere was stuck in his body and that left the body undissolved through the ages, afraid to pull the sphere out the Mauians saw that his body could not wither away so they decided to bury him deep inside the most far island they could find. The island was called the graveyard and nothing ever grew in the island it was a black and sick land that hid Morgan for a thousand years.

The one pirate who survived from the original crew wrote a lot of books leaving behind their stories and adventures and their whole legacy. But he never wrote about what happened between Seren and Morgan, No one knows what happened and how the world was broke in pieces. Who and what is buried in graveyard only the Mauians know and they carry this Dark secret from generation to generation through the course of Milennia until it finally became an urban legend between the two main families that are the remains of once a great civilization.
Some believe that the Mauians are extinced , others say that some still live in the new shattered Dualidar, hidden and away from the problems of the modern world.
The tales of Rogers the pirate who wrote the adventures of Seren and his crew explains in his tales how they came from another World and how they were good by heart, he explains how they only sought adventure and a family more than any riches. The books gave life to the golden era of piracy and the world is not only governed by Blaz and the King but also from some very infuencial and armed Pirate kings called the “12” .

Rogers had a vision before he died that he said was given to him by the goddess Calipso the Queen Goddess of the seven seas, in this writting he explains how pirates from the Universe will come again when the time reveals it self and fight to save the world and make things right again, that book and the iron code of the pirates are the most important treasures of the 12 pirate alliance council. The high rank pirates who seen a lot secretely believe in the prophecy..
Now the world faces peril again as Morgan mysteriously rose from the dead to walk the earth once more with one purpose only, to carry out what he started to become the new overgod enslaving everything and anyone. He commands an army of undead and has allied him self with two rogue pirates, two strong members of the 12 who turned their backs in the alliance.

_He also commands the Navy army of the royal Kingdom Blaz a noble tyrrant country who always wanted to get rid of pirates and has fought them for the past 200 years.

You need to enter that world and find a way to save it, if you do the alliance will come and fight for us. How do i know all that? well am the first Awakened from….i come from that the son of the …it doesnt’ matter.. my purpose is to save my world.
Theres not much time i need to open the portal, place Mirari in the altar behind you.
-Nathan the Glaive Half Dragon Leader will take care of the rest. uses Mirari to open Universe portal through wishing
May your gods be with you all._

Joy is the leader of all Glaives.


Joy Blackblade

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